Geocaching: Treasure in Umhlanga

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt. How about a real life hunt, right in your backyard?

Geocaching, a somewhat recent trend, is a real- world treasure hunting outdoor adventure. For the tech savvy, you can use your GPS-enabled device (your trusty smartphone) to navigate yourself to a specific location. From there, the hunt begins; you will find yourself tip toeing through different areas of Umhlanga in an attempt to find your treasure- a geocache. Simply put, a geocache is a hidden container. It may be large or tiny, and located absolutely anywhere. It is your job to cure your curiosity; you may just surprise yourself along the way. Once you have found your treasure, the container will hold a logbook for you to sign (you stake that claim!). Some caches may hold a number of interesting items, some of which you can contribute for the next treasure successor. It is bartering at its best; the rule is if you take something from a cache it is essential you replace it with something of your own.  Thereafter, you log your find on the international website. A global venture surrounded by our crashing waves, vibey coast life and even our very own red and white lighthouse. Log onto to start your adventure today. You never know what you just might find!

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