Baby Siwaphiwe: SA’s most gripping current affair

The missing pieces to the puzzle

Mother S’bongile Mbambo and ex-lover Phumlani Mbokazi


It was because of mother, S’ibongile’s secret affair that ex-lover, Phumlani snatched baby Siwaphiwe, convinced the child was his.

S’bongile was married to Christopher Mbambo, with whom she had 4 children. S’bongile had allegedly been having an affair with Phumlani Mbokazi when Siwaphiwe was conceived.

It is alleged that when Siwaphiwe was born, Phumlani insisted the baby was his, but Christopher unaware of his wife’s affair, also believed the baby was his. Just before S’bongile reported to police that she was hijacked at the former Game City mall in Greyville,  Phumlani had taken the baby. Travelling with his new girlfriend, Phumlani took off to the outskirts of Durban with baby Siwaphiwe in tow.

A scarf clad S’bongile appeared in the Durban Magistrates Court alongside Phumlani on Monday, March 13.

S’bongile, not knowing how to explain the baby’s absence to her husband, reported to the police that she had been hijacked and that her one-month-old baby was kidnapped with the stolen car. The police then alerted the media about this and the search that gripped the nation ensued.

S’bongile then alledgedly arranged for the vehicle to be taken to MontClaire in a ditch effort to validate her story. When they found the vehicle, detectives discovered that everything was intact and that the nappy bag was missing too.

This immediately sparked suspicions and authorities began to question S’bongile’s story. The facts did not match up because hijackers would not be likely to take a baby when they had not tampered with the vehicle to find the tracker.  Authorities decided to cross question S’bongile.

She eventually confessed her affair and revealed that ex-lover, Phumlani had taken little Siwaphiwe. Police immediately set to work. They tracked down Phumlani and set up a trap to catch him at the Marianhill Toll.

Phumlani and his girlfriend were arrested and charged for kidnapping. But he believes he has done nothing wrong.  “You can’t kidnap your own child,” said Phumlani’s attorney, Andile Dakela.

Attorney Andile Dakela commented on the case after the Court appearance on Tuesday.

Hence a paternity test is being carried out. If Phumlani is the father of the child, charges leveled against him might just be dropped.

S’bongile is charged with lodging a false case and a few other charges, however an attorney is yet to be appointed to represent her in tomorrow’s court appearance.

The entire saga in the media that even led the police on a wild goose chase by false information resulted from an attempt to keep the love affair quiet but the situation just seemed to spiral out of control.

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