Infectious SA comedian goes viral

Comedian, Kevin Fraser (aka DJ Spindoctor) is hot on Trevor’s heels with a Social Media short-cut to stardom.

Hailing from the East Coast (though he’s a Joburger now) Kevin Fraser has taken the comedy scene by storm. With an infectious personality and authentic charm, it’s no surprise that Fraser’s videos are going viral online. “Social Media has empowered me like never before,” said Fraser, “I couldn’t be more grateful to the Social Media World and the platform it offers.” By connecting with people all around the world, the up-and-coming comedian has been able to reach “his people” with that Mzanzi humour that captures both the local and international audience.

Breaking into the overseas market was a labour of love for Fraser who attributed his success to consistency, building relationships and taking that all-important leap of faith. The lovable comedian has got it down (under) with a winning formula for the funny.  “Australians have a lot of respect for people who go out and make it happen so I’ve tried my best to live up to that and put myself out there,” said Fraser, “I think in time I’ll be able to further the relationship with my overseas audiences on an even more global level with culturally relevant content.” And after conquering the Auzzie stage, this comedian is in demand overseas. “People want my shows in many places around the world and I don’t have the resources to manage it all yet,” said Fraser. So, having a plan of action and a sound strategy is an important part of the backstage hustle. But the aim of the game is simple: making sure people have a good time.

And that’s no big deal for the natural-born performer. “If it’s a case of how long I’ve been making people laugh then I guess the world has been my stage for a while, but I’ve officially been doing comedy for a year,” said Fraser who is  stepping out as a full-time comedian this year. While many millennials are struggling the corporate ladder or searching for themselves abroad, Fraser is tuning into his talents for that sought-after career success. “I think it’s been a case of listening to my inner voice which has been yearning for some sort of bigger expression,” said Fraser, “I guess that was the stage calling me in for a meeting.”

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Developing his brand, Cream Kulture, has helped put Fraser on the map from a business, skills and networking point of view. “It’s an exciting time to be leveraging my personal brand and business together and I’m learning a lot as I coordinate my own events with my signature style and format,” said Fraser.

But the journey from passion to profit does not come cheap and Fraser has faced challenges along the way. “I’ve realized there are two types of people,” said Fraser, “those ‘against’ you who just don’t care and couldn’t be bothered unless you are of a certain ‘stature,’ and those who are simply jealous!” Making it as a comedian is all about the process and consistency is key for Fraser. “The most rewarding things in life take time and consistency, so believe in yourself and your ability to achieve what you want in life,” said Fraser.

Being able to travel and learn about the local cultures of distant lands has made the struggle worthwhile for Fraser. “But the thought of bringing tears of joys to the people I meet on my travels, as a key part of my job, is an incredible feeling in itself,” said the comedian.


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