S’bongile always knew that Phumlani was the father



Phumlani executed the fake hijacking

Sources have revealed that Phumlani  Mbokazi, known to beS’ibongile’s  ex-lover and baby Siwaphiwe‘s father, was the master mind behind the entire fake hijacking and kidnapping that gripped KZN.

It was brought forward that Phumlani  had initially executed the plan to take his child away and make it look like a kidnapping to fool the public, including S’bongiles husband, Christopher.

It was revealed that Phumlani drove down to Durban in his personal vehicle, which he left in Durban central. He then took a taxi to meet S’bongile at her home. After taking the baby along with her necessities and driving off with S’bongile’s car, he dropped the car off in Monteclair, took the baby’s stuff and took a taxi returning back to his car.

It is alleged that when the plan was executed and he was back in his car driving off with Siwaphiwe and his girlfriend.

S’bongile’s involvement was to go to the police and report the incident has a hijacking turned kidnapping.


Initial report:

DURBAN –   While the case went to court today, sources revealed that S’bongile, who is also known as Octavia, always knew that lover Phumlani was the biological father of baby, Siwaphiwe.

As husband Christopher was allegedly on the verge of discovering that Siwaphiwe was not his child,  S’bongile arranged for biological father, Phumlani to fetch the one month old baby who was to be raised by him. Alledgedly planning to let her husband think that the child had been abducted, S’bongile reported the hijacking and left her car in Montclaire to validate the story. The source confirmed that she was never hijacked at gunpoint and that neither her nor her eight-year-old boy were in the line of fire. Things then spiraled out of control as a hype broke out when media were alerted to the report of a hijacking. As police gained wind of the truth, both S’bongile and Phumlani were arrested and Siwaphiwe was taken into custody.

In today’s court appearance, mother, S’bongile was charged with fraud and obstruction of justice.  Charges of kidnapping have been dropped as the child was never taken without permission, although both biological father and mother were charged with fraud and defeating the ends of justice. Both the accused have been granted bail with Judge Mohamed Motala setting the price at R1000.  “The state does not oppose bail,” said State Advocate Vaneshree Moodley.  While school teacher, S’bongile  is the bread winner in her home, husband, Christopher Mbambo will foot the bill. “Her husband has paid the bail, ” said attorney Mfanafuthi Biyela who is representing S’bongile.  Tuckshop owner Phumlani will pay the same sum. Both of the accused are prohibited from travelling until court adjourns on May, 9.







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